Heritage Crossing Redevelopment

Proposed Vision for Irving Boulevard Downtown
Proposed Vision for Irving Boulevard - Downtown
Almost 48 acres of the 640-acre area, known as Heritage Crossing, has been aggregated for redevelopment. Heritage Crossing is bound by West Pioneer Drive, Britain Road, Shady Grove Road and MacArthur Boulevard. Thirty-eight of these acres are now gathered into 15 redevelopment sites located in two primary areas - the Irving Boulevard / Second Street corridor and along Delaware Creek.
Heritage Crossing Redevelopment Project
Plans continue for downtown Irving with the unveiling of a conceptual design and a proposal to build 100 new homes along Delaware Creek.
On Jan. 2, 2014, Vialta / Gateway Planning, a consulting group retained by City Council , unveiled a new conceptual design at a public meeting to offer residents a glimpse of the refined vision for Heritage Crossing. Courtesy of public input, bike lanes, 11-foot sidewalks to increase foot traffic and on-street parking for improved access to retailers are incorporated in the vision for the historic downtown area. Pending approval of the proposal, Heritage Crossing could become a regional destination.
Heritage Crossing Site Summary
Irving's downtown community, considered a prime location in the Metroplex, continues to attract interest from retailers and developers. Since 2006, 19 new businesses have joined the Heritage Crossing community; the iconic Griff's Hamburgers (located near the intersection of Strickland Plaza and Falcon Street) celebrated the grand opening of its renovated restaurant in July; and construction is near completion on a 5,700-square-foot QuikTrip convenience store at the northwest corner of Irving Heights and Irving Boulevard.

Public Input

As plans progress, public input opportunities will be scheduled for residents and business owners.  For more information about public input opportunities or proposed developments, contact Redevelopment Administrator Kevin Kass at (972) 721-2251.

Project Highlights

  • 20.64 acres of residential development opportunities; click on map for larger view
  • Development at 222 E. Irving Boulevard
  • Heritage Crossing Land Sales: For more information, visit Purchasing Solicitations
Check back regularly for more developments and updates.
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